The Society

The Society’s Mission and History

The Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles is a non-profit organization who’s membership presently totals about 150 members. A historical committee had been started on April 26 1993, with aim of promoting the area’s history and heritage.

Five years later, the Société historique de Pointe-Saint-Charles came into existence when it was granted a provincial charter, on June 18 1998. In 2000, the Society adopted its present name, the Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles. Since 1998, the Society is governed by an Executive Board whose members are elected by the Society’s members at the annual assembly. The Society still adheres to its original mission of promoting and protecting the local heritage.

For more than fifteen years now, several committees, made up of members, have been assisting the Society in fulfilling its mission. The Society can be justly proud of its accomplishments to date : exhibitions, publications, and community events, among others. Most recently, the Society has launched its series of Cahiers which give its members the opportunity to publish their research.

The Sociéty is a member of  Action-Gardien ,    the    Fédération des sociétés d’histoire du Québec, the    Regroupement économique et social d u Sud-Ouest     , the Pôle des Rapides, and the Q uebec Anglophone Heritage Network. The Society is a founding member of Les Amis de la Maison Saint-Gabriel.