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A brief history of the streets
and parks in Pointe-Saint-Charles

Booklet, 2010
Éditions Histoire Québec
$ 6.00 + 1,50 for shipping

In our booklet, you will find short historical accounts about the origins of the names for the streets and parks in Pointe-Saint-Charles.
As well, you will learn about The Black Rock that honours thousands hopeful Irish immigrants that died of “Ship’s fever” on the shore of the St. Lawrence River (near the Montréal side of the Victoria Bridge. )
There are also notations about Victoriatown (also called Goose Village), a little district, near the Black Rock, that now exists only in memories.
And information about the early farms of the neighbourhood…

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Hall of Flame, your fire stations

1st edition, 2010
Soft cover, 16 pages
$ 6.00 + 1,50 for shipping

A brief history of the Fire Stations in Montreal Southwest Borough.

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Along the Lachine canal

Pamphlet for auto guided tour
Edited by SHPSC
2002 bilingual edition
Available in our office only

Historical circuit from Atwater Market
to Wellington Bridges.