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Center Street Remembers

From Richmond Street to d’Argenson Street, a dozen photo interpretation panels, arranged by themes, were displayed during the summer 2010 in the windows along Center Street. This project was a joint effort by the Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles, the Direction de l’aménagement urbain et des services aux entreprises du Sud-Ouest, and the local merchants association.

At the end of the 1850’s, when Center St. appears on surveyor’s plans, it corresponds neither to a route that joined the former concessions, nore to any path known to have been used by the Amerindians nore the coureurs des bois. Center St, perfectly straight, was actually laid out by these surveyors. It mainly goes across the Sulpicians’ former property, along the Lachine Canal.

The surveyor’s plan, and subsequent sale of lots, resulted in Center St. becoming a major thoroughfare for this neighbourhood whose population would soon be growing rapidly.

This exhibition takes a look at several aspects of life in the community : leisure, the workplace, the tramway, Eastern European immigration, etc., to the present day vibrant life in the community.

Many of the documents used in the exhibition are from the archives of the Société d’histoire de Pointe-Saint-Charles. The success of this project is due to the members of the Society who generously contributed photographs, both from yesteryear and today.

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